Learn more about Bangkok Airways, Asia's boutique airline. Three flights per day to Trat.

Discover More About Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways started out as a small private aviation company before it ventured into the airline business as a private airline. Currently, it is a regional based airline located in Bangkok, Thailand.  Since it is regional, it does not operate a lot of international flights by itself but instead partners with airlines that provide these services. Its main destinations are within Thailand but there are daily scheduled flights to neighboring countries such as India, Singapore, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Laos and the Maldives.

It has its own subsidiary airline called Siem Reap Airways. Moreover, it has provided employment to a lot of people, in total almost 2,000 staff are directly employed at its three main airports from which it operates; these airports are Samui, Sukhothai and Trat.

From Trat Airport, minibus and private transfer services are offered for passengers heading to Koh Chang and elsewhere.

Bangkok Airways Facts

There is more about Bangkok Airways that makes it the ideal airline and with its new campaign, it is popularly being referred to as ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline‘ since their services are boutique, meaning unique and of high quality. Some of its unique features include the following:

• The airline has thirty three aircraft that fly within different destinations making it possible to offer their services to a wide scope of travelers as one does not have to worry with packed flights. Some of the more commonly aircraft used by the airline include Bangkok Airways ATR-72, Airbus A319-100 and Airbus 320-200.

• The Bangkok Airways aircraft are also unique due to the stunning artwork done on them to represent their exotic and cultural destinations.

• The amazing thing about using this airline is the providence of tantalizing meals at both the waiting lounges and during the actual flight. These meals are prepared well with qualified staff and accorded to food safety standards. Additionally, during longer flights, passengers are given the option of choosing their meals from different menus. If you have your own special diets, you do not need to worry about not getting what to eat as your desired meal may be prepared for you upon request.

• If that is not enough, it has several boutique lounges that are as good as those business class passengers on other airlines enjoy. The great thing about these lounges is that they are available to all passengers not for a selected group. These lounges are very comfortable and offer snacks and drinks as well free internet access to passengers.

• To add onto that, the airline has a Blue Ribbon Club that is different from the boutique lounges as it aims at giving the passengers more private space with personal shower rooms, libraries and hot meals available.


Plan Your Onward Journey from Trat Airport

Safety Record

A lot of people normally question the safety of an airline before using it and with Bangkok Airways it is no different. The airline is one of the safest to fly with as it has a recorded a small number of minor incidents within the long period it has been in service. In fact most of these accidents are not that destructive as only minor injuries have been recorded. Moreover, Bangkok Airways has publicly confirmed that they have complied with the safety measures and policies of the International Air Transport Association and have always passed every safety inspection with flying colours.

Why Fly With Bangkok Airways?

There are several reasons people opt to fly with Bangkok Airways as it has proved itself credible and worthy airline. First things first, the services offered and provided are certainly professional and customer friendly as they offer personalized service to all passengers.

Moreover, the airline has very affordable fares for its flights that are pocket friendly to majority of the population. They also have flying bonuses quite often that enable their passengers feel like the airline cares more about them than their money.

Many people dread flying with many airlines because of the traffic either in checking in, at the lounges and even checking out that is as a result of different airlines sharing airports. That is when flying with Bangkok becomes advantageous as it has its own airports hence less congestion and even reduced air traffic.


There is a lot about Bangkok Airways that makes it the ideal airline, especially for regional flights since it offers world class services, taking care of the needs of all its passengers at affordable prices.


Bangkok Airways – Asia’s Boutique Airline
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